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Barrier Ultra Guard

Deep Penetrating Sealer



A ready-to-use, clear water based penetrating sealer for application to the surface of concrete, above or below grade, interior or exterior. Equivalent to Type 1c (Alberta Technical Standards Branch).

Basic Uses

Brush, roller or sprayed on concrete for sealing, hardening, dustproofing, waterproofing and weatherproofing. Protects concrete surfaces from abrasion and freeze-thaw damage and stops water seepage where it is not caused by cracking or other structural failure.

Major Advantages

  • Increases concrete density and hardness
  • Prevents chemical corrosion and physical abrasion of treated surface
  • Effective in reducing freeze-thaw spalling
  • Treatment is permanent and does not require subsequent reapplication every few years
  • Effective as a negative side waterproofing against a hydrostatic head of over 115 feet
  • Reduces or eliminates efflorescence and leaching in concrete
  • An effective barrier (without loss of breathability) or water-vapour emission through concrete
  • Penetrates deeply into the capillary pores of the concrete and crystallizes there, becoming part of the concrete itself
  • Will not change the appearance of the concrete surface to which it is applied
  • Solvent-free, odour-free, non-toxic and non-flammable.
  • Improves the bonding of cementitious toppings, coatings and paints

Technical Data

  • Has been tested as a chemical hardener by the Schmidt hammer rebound test with the following results:
    • 10 year old slab
      • untreated - 2000 psi
      • one coat ULTRA GUARD - 3000 psi
      • two coats ULTRA GUARD - 4600 psi
    • New pour, cured
      • untreated - 4900 psi
      • one coat ULTRA GUARD - 6000 psi